A Dictionary of New Epigrams


The sage’s desire is to help another being find their way.

Our attention is reflexively attracted to potential threats and desires.

Desiring what you can’t have causes pain.

Continuing to desire impossible things is certain to cause permanent pain.

The fewer the desires of those in power the more peace there is for those they rule.

The creation of habits that direct our attention, and thus our desires, is what controls our actions and thus our accomplishments.

Everyone is compelled to obey natural laws, and our goals are best fulfilled when we get our desires into agreement with the natural laws of our personal situation.

Desire is extinguished by the shifting of our attention to something different, or by getting the desired thing, but shifting attention is usually easier.

Desires are always with us, because to have attention is to have a quest to find something, some kinds of relationships.

To desire a reward for some action is to make your actions dependent on the one creating and giving the award.

Awards coming from a beautiful person are more desirable than the same award coming from an ugly person.

People desire to know what you are talking about, so make that clear from the first word by starting with the name of your subject.

We can place things in our environment that push and pull our attention and desires toward our thoughtful goals.

To see your distant goals is to see your immediate desires.

Desires are bound in a positive feedback cycle, but their satisfaction is a momentary event. Thus, desire is a source of constant anxiety.

Oscar Wilde’s famous quote about reaching for the stars, left him living in a gutter.

When one desire is satisfied it is soon replaced by another, and if we don’t choose it someone else will eagerly supply one for us.

Choose your desires so they will bring you to a place where you will be in conformity with your nature and your situation.

To avoid the desires of grasping people with greedy habits, let them see nothing they value near you, but show them a way to get something elsewhere.

People who desire the impossible will grasp tightly to beautiful lies.

You may chose to desire to be tranquil with yourself and content with the Universe.

Tranquility is found in all-out action when your actions are in agreement with contentment.

Consciously renounce unattainable desires, and do it repeatedly until it becomes a normal habit.

The desire of anything in excess will bring disappointment, pain, depression, and failure.

When you desire something to be true you will find reasons for to be true, and to be defended, no matter how absurd the reality of your desire.

When you choose to see something as good, you will see its opposite as bad.