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Detroit is getting worse and worse. Back in January 2009 I posted a contentious article “You can’t cure stupid, especially Detroit stupid.” Then the American auto industry had been repeatedly rescued by the government, which means the average American taxpayer. The pitiful irony is that those average Americans are the ones paying for the Detroit playboy’s ongoing stupidity. The rich dudes in charge of the industry are still promoting their childish fantasies of power and prestige. Here is a prideful example of their latest effort from the article, Supercars Steal The Detroit Show. Also, a walk-through Geek Beat video at the show.

Detroit's Ford GT

The new Ford GT. The founder Henry Ford would be horrified to see his name on this wasteful thing.

At a time when foreign industry is rapidly passing the US in production of needed products, and simultaneously building a better infrastructure, these Detroit people are wasting American reserves of resources on this hideous extravagance. These Ford executives deserve a shower of Darwin Awards, because they are taking themselves and America out of the future successful gene pool. This odious thing will consume one-time-use natural resources, like oil and gas, at a prodigious rate, and that will bring on the end of civilization as we know it. The car above and its copies will bring famine to the world sooner by destroying humanity’s ability to produce food. Food is created by using those same resources that this car will destroy. The fields of food crops are cultivated with equipment using oil, and they are fertilized with oil-based products, and the food is brought to you by trucks using oil, and you probably get to the store in a vehicle using oil. When that oil is gone, or becomes too expensive, you and your family will starve to death.

A vulture waiting for a starving child to die.

A vulture waiting for a starving child to die.

How can it be made more clear than this picture, that extravagance wastes resources, and when resources are gone starvation is the result? The problem is not that Detroit designers are stupid, because that word implies low intelligence, and obviously it takes great intelligence to create those cars. So perhaps the snarky, “You can’t cure stupid, especially Detroit stupid.” should be replaced with the more optimistic –

You can’t cure stupid, but sometimes fools can cure themselves with forethought.