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My spouse and I are on to a new diet, and it works. It is the easiest diet ever, because we can eat as much as we want! This Probaway blog at one time had a list of some 500 diet links, generated by repeatedly googling every possible variation on diet. There were complaints about that exhaustive list exposing economic interests, so I took that page down.

Here is the Google Ngram list of the last 200 years for the popularity of the various words for dieting.

 abstain, eat sparingly, fast, lose weight, reduce, slim, diet

Current word frequency on right: reduce, fast, diet, slim, abstain, lose weight, eat sparingly.

These words have meanings that have nothing to do with weight loss, but the chart probably does indicate an interest in the subject. All of the words have a remarkably consistent frequency of usage, except for reduce. Since the year 1900 the word reduce has had a remarkable rise in popularity, and that possibly, perhaps probably, reflects a desire of the reading public to lose weight.

Here are my previous posts on DIET. The new “easiest diet” is not to diet at all, but to use a teaspoon where I was using a tablespoon, and to take bite sizes about half the size I typically take. We eat normally, but because the bites are half size it takes us twice as long to eat. The thing that makes this procedure into a diet is that by the end of the usual eating time we don’t feel like eating any longer, and tend to stop eating. When that happens I must remember my elders’ suggestions when I was a child to clean up my plate, and instead say,

“Leave something on my plate for Grandma!”