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Epictetus (55-135 CE) Enchiridion
A manual for living a contented life
Rendered by Charles Scamahorn (1935- ) 2014

Paragraph 27

Our world does not exist intending for us to miss out on opportunities; we exist within its non-moral grandeur of being perfectly what it is, and its permanent availability to us.


This short paragraph states that nature is all-providing, and in that sense perfectly good to us. In nature’s vastness there are many things that will injure us and kill us if we do not relate to them in a proper way. The great sources of energy provided by nature can be put to our use, and we would call that good, or they can injure us and we would call that bad, but nature has neither of those moral judgments. It simply provides everything and we use its power for what we choose to define as good.