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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


No one is reliable who is expected to act against their own self-interest.

You must rely on your own feet to do the walking.

The one who chooses the route must have experience carrying the heaviest load on a similar route.

It is easy to demand the rights of free speech when everyone agrees with you.

You are the only person who reliably seeks your own well-being, and even that is inconsistent; so how can you depend on another for your security?

The only person in control of your behavior is you, and you are in control only part of the time.

We are dependent on many things for our well-being. Many of them are reliable like gravity, but some are fickle like yourself and others’ selves.

Only you can control your arbitrary actions.

You are the only one responsible for your reliability, because at any moment you can choose to do something different from what everyone expects.

The man who is in total control of himself knows what is going to happen, and he who knows how the world is going to behave is content with himself and the world.

Life is a difficult problem with many disasters and few pleasures for a fool, but it’s one with few disasters and many pleasures for one reliably on the path of wisdom.

Our happiness is at risk when it is dependent on the actions of unreliable others, and everyone is unreliable.

No one can save you, not even Jesus. You must do the work.

Those who think they will lose, will surely lose, and those who think they will win, and work to win, often do win.

To succeed in anything requires you to act, and to act with the self-reliance that your actions will create the intended effect.

Reliable actions are based on practiced actions created by habits that at one moment in time were intentional actions. Habits are created out of repeated intentional actions.

It is the keeping of your wants within your own control that makes your actions reliable.

Why ask supernatural spirits for help, when they have proven themselves to be so arbitrary, unresponsive and unreliable?

It appears that people turn to spiritual help when they can no longer rely on their own efforts.

Failures are those individuals who have cultivated poor habits.