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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Whoever has a cause has energy to pursue their cause

A person without a present purpose has no energy, and soon falls into despondency.

We are sapped of energy by worry, and to overcome the fatigue of worry make a decision and pursue the goal, and we will soon get somewhere we want to be.

You can find huge amounts of needed energy when you can see a clear goal and a way to get there, but without that vision and path all energy goes into stagnation.

If you are tired, get up and do something easy, and if exhausted sit and do something easy, and when it’s time to sleep, lie down and sleep.

When you succumb to fatigue you become a nobody to the energetic.

The body and emotions are drained when a person is tense, and a person filled with anger may be easily provoked to further anger; then you just stay out of his striking distance and he soon becomes an exhausted wimp. A person is restoring energy when he is allowed to relax. This applies to yourself as well as your competitors.

Be present and attentive, and remain peaceful. Do not rise to action until it is time for action, and then give it your full energy.

If you aren’t physically exhausted from hard work, your fatigue arises from loss of clear vision of the goal, and the way to get there.

Optimistic words aimed at glorious goals generate energy, but realistic words discussing potential problems drain energy. Avoid negative words unless they are focused on how to avoid a specific problem and attain a soon-to-be-attained goal.

Depression sucks energy out of a person, but enthusiasm generates energy, and these emotional conditions are created by a purposeful leader when action is needed.

Energy is generated by the body itself when the mind sets itself to a decisive goal.

To move toward a goal you must generate enthusiasm faster than the goal recedes.

The Universe is a wonderful place. It permits all things that are possible and prevents all things that are impossible. Analyze carefully that your goal isn’t impossible, then figure a way to achieve it and go fully into the enthusiastic mode.

When something needs to be done, do it with wholehearted enthusiasm, but if it is impossible and can’t be done, ignore it and put your enthusiasm and energy into something that can be done.

Be sincere and authentic, which is easy if one’s goals are clear and easily seen.

The world doesn’t respond to your thoughts, but it will provide the needed energy if you ask in the right way … with actions.