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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


The greatest acts of wisdom are simple acts of kindness.

Kindness costs nothing except for philosophical forethought, thoughtful preparations, cultivated habits, careful attention to another person’s moment, opportunity to clear an obstacle, a thoughtful decision to act, and an unremarkable action.

Kindness is difficult because it is always in the moment and requires anticipating the other person’s approaching problems.

It requires practice to be kind, so practice as much as possible on tiny things, and when great opportunities come along you will be able to respond instantly.

Kindness lights the way for those traveling in darkness.

When you see a potential kindness do it instantly, for that opportunity can never return.

Being kind is clearing the way for others to proceed, in such a way they themselves feel all the credit for their progress.

Kindness helps others to grow.

My duty is to cultivate kindness in myself and show the way to others.

Courtesy is easy; it’s just behaving in the proper ways you have been trained to do, but kindness is difficult because it is always unique, and has unique precursors.

To cultivate our ability to be kind is the most important action we can watch for.

Kindness goes far beyond being socially pleasant and giving polite responses.

A successful kindness is a demonstration of wisdom.

The best of any person’s life is their acts of kindness.

Wherever there is a living thing there is an opportunity for kindness.