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West Africa Ebola epidemic updated to Dec. 31, 2014

This logarithmic chart updates the deaths from the West Africa Ebola outbreak to December 31, 2014.

Last month the logarithmic chart appeared to be rolling over and suggested that the Ebola outbreak might be easing, but this chart shows only a leveling off of the new cases. That is most easily seen in the red C and the black D placed on the December 31 position. There have been roughly a thousand people a month dying of Ebola for the last five months, although it seems to be dropping a little. The good news is that the medical facilities are now in place, and more crews are now trained so it is possible that there may be a sudden drop in new cases. The people of the infected countries have been informed as to what to watch for, and what to do when they suspect an Ebola case, but they must act.

It was reported yesterday in National Geographic news that the first Ebola patient, a two-year-old boy named Emile Ouamouno, often played under a huge tree only fifty meters from his house. That tree was reported to be the nesting place of many bats. If a single bat had Ebola its droppings would be ridden with the virus, and the children playing in those droppings would be at risk.  See: Ebola S1 [Subject 1] Emile Ouamouno of Meliandou, Guinea. The village is tiny and the tree may be the one in the picture on the far left.