A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Why quest after supernatural powers when understanding how to use easily acquired natural powers gives one greater abilities to get useful things done?

Hoping for a wondrous thing to happen and waiting for it to happen results in … hoping for a wondrous thing to happen and waiting for it to happen.

Wisdom is at the root of the best actions, but sometimes inaction is the best action.

Wisdom is gained by paying close attention to what is happening around you, thinking about it for a while and then participating in the events. Repeat! … ! … !

Wisdom is gained by kicking at reality and then kicking ever harder until you realize that reality can kick you back far harder than you can kick it.

Don’t fight with Mother Nature; you are going to lose.

Wisdom learned but never applied is a heavy load carried that impedes everything you do.

It is great wisdom to simply do the right thing at the right time.

Show people what is in their own best interest and they will strive to reach for it;  show them what will ruin their lives and they will avoid it. That’s easy.

The more I read the bigger the library of must-read books looks.

Wisdom is like diamonds, you won’t find many on the surface, you must dig in just the right place, and you must dig deep.

Wisdom is often found when looking at our feet to see which way we’re going.

Why be surprised by death! Only the tiniest speck of the Universe is alive. The astonishing thing is that anything is alive, and conscious aliveness is unthinkably rare even among the living, but here we are, and that’s the greatest of supernatural miracles.

It is more useful to realize how very limited our knowledge is, and act on what we do know, than to believe that we know nothing at all, and therefore submit to unknowable authorities pronouncements.

Find a wisdom that is so attractive and easy that you can actually do it.

Seek diligently for good companions, but to do so you must know what a good companion is. If you want gutter companions seek in gutters.

Lying in the gutter reaching for the stars, just leaves you wet, cold, sick and soon dead.

There have been some hundred billion humans who ever lived, and every one of them knew something you will never learn.

The wisest sage like the best general will be unknown because he achieves his ends without struggle.

The result of a life of wise actions is equanimity with oneself and contentment with one’s world.

Think about things where you can have a wholesome impact, and don’t bother with worrisome things where you can have no effect.

Don’t worry about waking up one morning with sage-like wisdom — it won’t happen — but worry about never waking up to what you might easily learn and apply.

The function of wisdom is to foresee the future and pre-arrange to react to it well, and thus to seek the best end points using the best materials available.

Wisdom is like honey it must be taken in just the right amounts; too little and it leaves you asking for more, but a drop beyond that generates nausea. There can be a horrible condition where both needs exist simultaneously.

Too much wisdom is like too much of anything, it’s excessive, and excess brings grief.

Because wisdom foresees the future, there is rarely a time when it leads to desperate situations requiring desperate actions.

Do not overextend yourself beyond what is yours to control, for when your resources are exhausted you cannot survive no matter how wise you are.

Wisdom in the end is when you know that you have been sitting on your ass to long.