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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


We have an abundance when we have just the right amount for our needs, but we have a clogging glut when we have more than enough for our wants.

You may have abundance if you work for what you need, but you will certainly suffer want if you refuse to make a needed effort.

Everything is available, and in abundance, if you behave in the right ways, at the right times.

When we give kindness it returns from the world, and from our innermost selves.

Our Universe and our Earth are enormous places compared to us, and yet all of it is filled with infinitely-minute details, compared to our present single-thought selves.

Abundance brings a pleasant feeling of knowing you have enough to do what you need to do.

For some people, abundance is always out of their reach. It’s because their thoughts of need are founded on their habits of greed.

Nature doles out her plenty to those who know how to receive her gifts.

Everyone can disparage creative ideas, but few can create ideas, or honor them.

When we give to others we set ourselves to be receivers, but we must be willing to receive.

Abundance exists in the conscious receiving of what is available to be received.

Jewels and gold do not constitute abundance; they are almost useless except to the mind of a man who needs to display costly symbols; and for him the display of his baubles is a false claim that he is feeling the fruits of abundance. The greedy never feel the emotions associated with abundance, because the greedy are infected with the insatiable desire for more.

The world is filled with many abundances, and the time will come when one abundance is the flesh of your body about to be provided to the worms waiting in your grave.

Many abundances are generated from natural processes let run free.

An abundance of molecules are in the ocean, an abundance of stars are in the sky, an abundance of microbes are in our bodies. Everywhere you can look there is an abundance of something, and yet we ourselves may be starving for something that is already existing somewhere in abundance.

It is a great awakening to realize how very little you need of the abundance that is readily available.