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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


To be understood, you must speak to what the other person is prepared to hear and understand.

We grow rigid and age rapidly when we cease to observe the world around us and instead project onto the world what we wish to be there.

If you look and act like you are eighty years old, people will treat you like they would treat an eighty-year-old.

I know eighty-year-olds who still ski, but they injure easily and die even when they take easy falls.

When we ask for help, ask for the ability to hear and learn better habits from other people’s mistakes.

If you tell your personal stories as if they happened in a far away place and an ancient time people will relate to you and your life is a fairy tale. To be current and alive tell your stories as if they just are just happening.

Among the greatest blessings of any moment is the intentional awareness and use of its opportunities.

Adding years to our lives brings to the fore those habits, both good and bad, that we have cultivated.

Live life in the moment with an enthusiasm that fills up that moment.

Living to be old requires good sense and some good luck, but living well requires good character and that is founded on good habits.

Some people grow more rigid as they age and others more flexible; it depends on the habits they have chosen and cultivated.

Some grow more stoical as they age and cease worrying about things over which they have no influence.

Growing old can be a beautiful path filled with wonderful events even to the end, but it requires being on a good path with the right responses to what is found there.

Our bodies will weaken with the years, but our minds can mature into an ever healthier condition if we think and do the right things.

Even a child feels old and decrepit if he cultivates habits of worry and regrets.

Personal growth can continue after death in that portion of a person’s personality that is invested in the health of his community.

Wisdom is in knowing which habits to cultivate and which to overlay with other habits.

Time will age one’s body, but abuse will age it faster.

Even when the clouds and night of infirmity prevent us from seeing we can know that truth and beauty are still there in the world.

Growing old is delightful if you have chosen the right habits.

We are given our bodies and place of birth, but we can choose to cultivate a healthy body and mind and take good care of them.

Do what you can with your life to help others live theirs more abundantly. Not only does it help them, it helps you to see better what they and you need.

It is a pleasure gaining maturity moving away from the problems of youth and adulthood.

Fit your actions to their appropriate time; what needs doing today do today, and what needs doing now do now. Put off forever what shouldn’t be done, or at least until tomorrow.

When we see successful people we can observe what works, and when we see failures we can observe what doesn’t work. Need it be said, “Do what works, and avoid what doesn’t work.”

Watch for the antecedents of contentment, and search for ways to help others find their own way to contentment by exposing the antecedents.

Contentment could be had in youth, if those who had it said how to attain it and demonstrated the way.

Find important things that need doing, and do what you can and promote those things.

Those who pay attention to their surroundings and participate are alive, they may eventually die of old age, but they are forever youthful.

A mind with an inflexible attitude isn’t thinking and it’s functionally dead.

Old age is wonderful if one has behaved well and continues to behave well. Of course it requires wisdom to know what behaving well consists of and how to do it.

Tranquility within and contentment without can be learned and cultivated.

We are all students of life, and we are all young, adult and mature some of the time.

Avoid offensive behavior, be kind, speak and behave honestly.

First get wisdom, and what is wisdom but knowing what to learn and what habits to cultivate and when to apply them?

Most people find it difficult to grow old gracefully because their lives are awash in sophisticated propaganda to value things they don’t need.

It is impossible to slow the years from passing but we can influence our health.

We improve with age if we have cultivated wisdom and rot with age if we haven’t.

Those who disparage old age are destroying their chance of ever enjoying it.

Those people who live for bodily pleasures will grow despondent with their advancing years, but those who live to help others find their way will find their own years gladdened.

Wise people are content with what they are and what they have made of themselves.

As we age we become more uniquely like ourselves.

To grow old pay attention not only to the good things you might seek, but also to the bad things to avoid.

Every moment of your life you can grow in experience and wisdom, and then every future moment will have more potential for what you want than every preceding one.

Waking up in the morning, or in the middle of a conversation is always a surprise.

A neurotic is often a physically healthy person who has cultivated some poor habits.

When we use our adult years’ time and attention well, our old age will be tranquil and content.

Everyone has problems, and to have the discernment to see what leads those people to success or failure with their problems is a good guide for us.

The desirable childlike qualities of old age are seeing the world with fresh eyes, and then being content with what you see there.

An mature person avoids taking risks, because risks sometimes cause problems, and almost always you can avoid risks by doing something else.

Being creative is using what is available to a good end.

Occasionally, I have to tell people how old I am, and they are always startled. I tell them I chose my parents carefully, and kept my face out of fights. That gets a chuckle.

When you are doing something important you are alive and feel young, but when you stop dong anything you are instantly old and feel decrepit.

Cheerfulness is based on a life of good habits, but happiness is always only of the moment.

Fools grow more foolish with age, and their thinking grows even more confused as they practice their poor habits.

Maturity is a potential reward we receive for not getting ourselves killed in our youth.

Every new moment of a mature life is getting better because it has a better base to build upon.

People easily forget that the function of the brain is to promote the health and survival of their body and their species.

We carry our habits to our last breath.

To the end the best thing to improve your life is to be observing other people and trying to find ways to improve their lives.

A life being well lived can be departed at any time, because it is complete at every moment.

Live life to the fullness of the moment, even when that moment is one of dying.