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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Dreams are that portion of our thoughts that come on their own without direct contact with our reality, but there are an infinity of possible thoughts and of dreams, and of them only a few function well in our conscious reality.

Our daily task is to bring our reality into agreement with our dreams, and our nightly task is to bring our dreams into conformity with our reality.

There is a difference between dreams and hopes, but there is a common problem with them both in their tenuous contact with what is possible.

Reality is honest and fair, and it always plays by its rules, and when we learn and obey those rules it is a comfortable companion, but when we expect it to obey our dreams it will often be contrary and bloody.

There is an infinity of dreams but at any time and place only one reality, and it is that one we are living within that we must obey.

Without dreams our world seems to shrink and illusions vanish, but when illusions wither away we can begin to live more fully.

Hallucinations may be entertaining, but they do more harm than good.

Set personal goals based on reality and avoid dreams that are too close to hallucinations.

Dreams and hopes can point the way to good things, but moving toward goals requires taking steps. The first step is often the most difficult, and that is where the habits of courage and boldness need to be cultivated.

When chasing a dream you must be careful, because while you keep your eye on the goal you must also keep your feet on the path.

The most functional dreams are ones that point the way but do not reveal the final destination, because the way can last forever, but when you have reached a goal it is gone and that aspect of life is ended.

Don’t let your dreams be destroyed by other people disparaging them.

Make your path attractive and it will be easy to follow, but if you set a distant goal it is easy to get distracted.

If we set our goals and dreams too distant, and too hard to move toward it will result in a life of anxiety, disappointment and despair, but if the goals are attractive and easy there will be a continual pleasure as we make progress toward them.

Dreams can be painful and those are guides to avoid whatever it is that is creating those dreams.

If you can dream it you can do it, but only in your dreams, so bring your dreams into conformity to your possibilities. The possibilities can be difficult, but make them real.

When nurtured well a seed of an idea can grow into whatever is latent within that idea.

Scale your aspirations to your maturity. If you are a child aspire to childish things, but when you are a man seek out and do manly things

Just having a clear vision of what needs to be done to achieve your dream isn’t enough; you must do what needs to be done. If that can’t be done in this moment you can practice on a similar activity where you can be successful.

Our existence would be horrible if we could never do anything except dream; it is in action and seeing the fruits of our actions that we enjoy our lives. It is in action that our dreams become real, and our lives too.

We will find the greatest pleasure if we can guide our dreams toward the betterment of humanity and all living things.

It is the dreamers who put their dreams into action that make our world the interesting place that it is, and they make new dreams possible.

Thought is similar to a directed dream, but being more conscious it can become a controlled action.

Our dreams are always based on our own character and aspirations and these come with our personal strengths and shortcomings.

When you are thinking about something before you go to bed similar things will come into your dreams, so do things that will be worthwhile to dream about.

Dreams skim around the borders of our personal reality, but as fantastic as they may seem they have a reality based in our personal experiences.

Dreams reassemble the meaningless disorder of our lives into a meaningful order of our hopes and fears.

After a sentence beginning with, “Man is … ” you could with grammatical adjustments stick in almost any word in the dictionary. Man is a dreamer.


My intent with this idea was to take a word from the dictionary and work up some thoughts around it. I read Ambrose Bierces The Devil’s Dictionarymany years ago, and was thinking along that line, only with a more positive approach. Hence the name, The Angel’s Dictionary. It will be interesting to see where that goes. The intent was only an epigraphical like statement, but look what happened – it just grew. I am loaded down with epigraphs. [Update – after a few days I changed the title to A Dictionary of New Epigrams. That title seemed more appropriate to the direction it was going.]