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Kindness is an external action based on a feeling of love toward another person and bestowed upon that other person. There is considerable talk of love, and many songs written to love, but as the Google Ngram chart shows, very little expression given to Kindness, and kindness is the perceptible expression of love.

The chart shows the frequency of usage of Faith, Hope, Love, Courage, Self-Reliance and Kindness

A Google Ngram showing usage of the words Faith, Hope, Love, Courage, Self-Reliance, and Kindness from the years 1800 to 2000.

There needed to be a second Ngram for Courage, Kindness and Self-Reliance because they fell off the chart, and the chart below expands the bottom section so we can see the results.

Google Ngram for Courage, Self-Reliance and Kindness

An expanded Google Ngram for the words Courage, Self-Reliance and Kindness

Notice there are four zeros in front of the 2 in 0.000020 for Self-Reliance and only two zeros in front of the 2 in 0.00200 Love. That means that the word Love is one hundred times more popular in usage than is Self-Reliance and fifty times more popular than the word Kindness.

The word Love refers to internal feelings, and the word Kindness refers more to the external expressions of love. The inner feeling is a fine thing, but unless it is expressed in some way it isn’t recognized by the object of affection. If it isn’t perceived by the loved one the love dies within the adoring person. That is sad because, if the chart above is accurate, only one part in fifty of felt love ever gets through to the intended recipient.

There is more to love than kindness, but the point is that love must be expressed in some way for it to be meaningful to the other person.