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“There have been 15,935 reported cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD), with 5,689 reported deaths.” That was reported in the World Health Organization (WHO) GAR – Ebola response roadmap – Situation report, 26 November 2014. What is latent in that somber report is that there are 10,246 survivors of Ebola, and those people probably can not be reinfected with Ebola. Thus, these people are perfectly suited, after a few weeks of recovery, to perform routine hospital-type clean-up operations. Those necessary activities are extremely dangerous for normal healthy people without protective moon-suits, and even dangerous when they are worn.

These survivors are in desperate need of employment, because they are feared by their home communities as possible sources of Ebola infection. In fact they are probably the least likely to infect others with Ebola after a few days away from the hospital, but all the same they will be feared. Also, because they have been very sick they are prone to new infections, and thus are potential sources of other diseases. If they are employed in a hospital setting these survivors could be more easily monitored and protected from acquiring secondary infections, and they could do work that is very dangerous for all other people.

Let’s employ these Ebola survivors rather than put healthy people at risk.

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