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There is a tradition in the English language to capitalize the self-referent word I. In a conversation yesterday it was suggested that we should capitalize the word you because that would emphasize the other person’s grandeur as a personality, equivalent to one’s own self. I then suggested to them that You might also capitalize the word we. That would emphasize the grandeur of our combined personalities, and thus We would become a more acknowledged and valued entity. It soon was brought up that all personal pronouns could, or perhaps should, be capitalized, because then They would become more significant in Our thoughts. This tiny change in English spelling will remind people to treat one another with greater respect.

The reverse was suggested, that the capitalized Gods should be demoted to lowercase gods to emphasize their lower rank in the modern world. Thus, We, that is You and I, become more empowered human beings. The gods imagined and promoted by the prophets of previous times would be given more advisory roles in our lives and not controlling ones.

In Our lives You and I are empowered by becoming a We.