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The idea underlying my current thinking is to accomplish things in the world external to one’s own personal being. To do this requires that preparations be made which will be effective when the time for action comes. The quality of these actions is that they will not vanish when my personal being vanishes, which in my case at age seventy-nine can’t be more than twenty years, and probably much less. It isn’t that there is any desperation in this idea, rather after all of my years of experience it is time to state and to do those things which clearly manifest what my experience has brought to me. If I am ever to be helpful in fulfilling my stated goals of helping humanity to prosper and survive, the time is now. Perhaps it has always been in the moment, now, but as we age now becomes an ever more fleeting moment.

How can I look into the future, and determine what I need to foresee? Most people seek personal wealth, and assume health and happiness will follow, because with money they will be able to purchase what they need. For nearly everyone these goals are sufficient for a happy life, but my concerns are now different. As stated they concern humanity as an entity; it’s basically DNA, and it has an indefinite life expectancy. It means my goal is to have our human DNA have as much success as is possible. Perhaps, if I am thinking of DNA, the goal should be expanded to include all DNA, not just human, and that would simply mean I would be doing everything possible that that form of chemical information should exist long into the future. But why?

It would seem that when we consider anything beyond our own personal comfort it would soon become abstract and meaningless to most people. Most would see some value in helping their family and possibly their friends to prosper, but this is mostly because it would make them feel good personally. Perhaps the purest form of this is in parental pride in seeing their own children and grandchildren do well. Perhaps my wishing for human DNA to do well is like our children doing well, and wishing for the DNA of life in general is like having our grandchildren do well. Who knows? It is a question to be answered by every individual, but it probably doesn’t concern them until they are old and the usual concerns have faded away.

Perhaps the best we can do as a person, or as a species, or as DNA is to “Live long and prosper.”