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Ebola survivors can save humanity

  1. Ebola survivors can save humanity from a worldwide epidemic.
  2. Ebola survivors can give blood with antibodies that can help other people survive.
  3. Ebola survivors can bring the Ebola epidemic back to zero new deaths.
  4. Ebola survivors can begin essential cleanup work with little training.
  5. Ebola survivors can safely work in Ebola clinics without PPE protections.
  6. Ebola survivors can safely work with Ebola without extensive training.
  7. Ebola survivors can leave a contaminated area with a complete wash and drying.
  8. Ebola survivors can do work that is dangerous for others without supervision.
  9. Ebola survivors can care for sick Ebola victims in their homes.
  10. Ebola survivors can quickly go clean up effluvia from current Ebola sufferers.
  11. Ebola survivors can immediately go bring Ebola victims to a hospital.
  12. Ebola survivors can safely do the dangerous work of burying dead Ebola victims.
  13. Ebola survivors can be studied for what helped them survive.
  14. Ebola survivors can provide blood proteins for research on vaccines.
  15. Ebola survivors can interview families with Ebola victims.
  16. Ebola survivors can counsel family members who are at risk of having Ebola.
  17. Ebola survivors can speak to the public to give them courage and suggestions.
  18. Ebola survivors can distribute flyers to everyone and to risky areas.
  19. Ebola survivors can distribute Ebola survival salt and sugar kits to sick people.
  20. Ebola survivors can take food and necessities to Ebola sufferers.
  21. Ebola survivors can test safely equipment for reliability and safety.
  22. Ebola survivors can search for victims door to door, without causing moon-suit panic.
  23. Ebola survivors can suppress the epidemic around before vaccines are available.
  24. Ebola survivors can represent a cross section of a whole societies job resources.
  25. Ebola survivors can be sources of survival rather than rejected as disease carriers.
  26. Ebola survivors can be issued ID medallions so people know they are safe.
  27. Ebola survivors can be well paid in money and honors.

In the World Health Organization (WHO) document Use of Convalescent Whole Blood or Plasma Collected from Patients Recovered from Ebola Virus Disease for Transfusion, as an Empirical Treatment during Outbreaks, paragraph 2.2, we read, “Potential donors should be informed that there will be no payment to them for their blood or plasma donation.” There are good reasons for that policy based on empirical observations in some first-world situations. It is a reasonable policy when rich people have idealist motivations for doing things. Their rewards will be a good feeling about their own self-worth and a community appreciation, and they will resent being given a small amount of money because it will degrade their idealism.

This Ebola epidemic is different and there may be no idealism available, and the only motive for a recently deathly sick person to let their blood be taken is to enhance personal physical survival. For the desperately poor places like West Point, Liberia, a few hundred dollars would be highly motivating and not thought of as demeaning. Also, they should be paid because there are many other diseases to which they are increasingly susceptible because they are in a weakened condition, and taking some of their blood weakens them even more. These Ebola survivors are risking their lives by giving blood, and should be greatly rewarded for doing so.

All of the categories of work listed above should be paid, and paid well, because they are doing things which no other people on Earth can do. The doctors and nurses and other trained people going over to West Africa may not be gaining anything monetarily, and they are doing it because they want to help. But their altruism and dedication will give them a tremendous boost emotionally and over the years they will have considerable status gains and that will lead to monetary ones, too. The previously sick people giving their blood will probably get no rewards other than the money, but they are giving a wonderful service to humanity by subduing the Ebola epidemic.

I would propose a world day of thanks, a Life Day, for all of those people who risked their lives to save humanity. Perhaps December 28th could be the combination day, a day of mourning for those lost their lives and a day of thanks for those who gave their help, and chief among these would be the people who gave their life blood so people will live whom they will never know.

Life Day – honoring those people who have risked their lives for humanity’s preservation.

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