The goal of life is to survive and reproduce. That is the Darwinian goal, but of course there’s more that occupies our time and attention. The thrust of our DNA is strong and should be obeyed, but in the longer view of planning to build upon those natural processes, it is better for our species that we die after we have provided for our offsprings’ future. That leaves more provisions for our children to thrive and for their offspring too.

When we observe humanity it appears that many people have lost contact with those basic functions of life, but most people by the time they reach reproductive age are out trying to acquire physical goods and earn a living. That striving for worldly success works well for advancing their personal survival and reproductive success, but they have often forgotten their basic reason for living. I know this for a fact, because many times I have asked groups of people, “What is the meaning of life?” and most of the time it comes down to their being happy and having enjoyable entertainment.

But, here’s my problem, “Why do people seek enjoyment in dangerous entertainment?” Here in Bend, Oregon, a recreational city, most people routinely engage in dangerous activities like skiing, rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, mountain climbing, and many more. Also, these people commonly drive ten miles per hour over the posted speed limits even though the time saved is minimal. What these risky activities seem to provide is a sense of purpose to their lives that is lacking in their employment and family lives. Risk-taking seems to generate the pleasure of beating the system. But risking one’s life climbing up a vertical rock wall has no payoff and plenty of opportunity for deadly failure. When I ask them why they do these things, they claim it adds zest to their life, but that is in direct violation of Nature’s Imperative to survive and reproduce. To me those non-essential risky activities seem counterproductive and a direct violation of common sense. I would humbly suggest …

Never challenge Nature’s Imperative to survive and reproduce, because you are going to lose.