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Links to a history of Probaway’s [EBOLA UPDATES] Okay, that’s an outrageous claim for a title, and this post is little more than a rehash of an earlier post about the flu. – How to prevent flu, the common cold and other infectious disease. All of the suggestions are obvious and it seems some people in authority should simply address the Ebola problem directly. This post simply inserts the word Ebola wherever flu, or influenza appears in that previous post, and and tweaks it a bit. This procedure is legitimate because the suggestions apply to all infectious diseases.

Prevent the creation of new ebola strains

  1. Stop the creation of new varieties of Ebola by preventing birds, pigs, monkeys and chimps, and humans from communicating the virus between each other. This can be done by:
  2. Informing poultry and pig husbandry men, and bush-meat hunters, that they are the source of worldwide pandemics and therefore:
  3. Poultry and pig husbandry men and hunters should not go to work when they are sick with any disease, because they catch a new diseases more easily. Especially avoid animals with Ebola and especially when their pigs or birds or bush-meat animals are sick. New disease comes into existence within a living body by recombining DNA of the different diseases. It is similar to sexual reproduction between viruses in its effects.
  4. To help these workers endure this sick time they should be paid double their salary for seven days, by the government, for not going to work, and,
  5. Their employer should be paid half his salary to help pay for his temporary replacement worker, because the replacement will not be as efficient as the experienced worker.

Prevent the virus from developing in humans

  1. Children in contact with birds, pigs, monkeys or adults frequently working with these animals should be monitored at home and at school by their teachers for signs of any disease, especially Ebola.
  2. Children of this group should be isolated instantly when they show the first symptoms of flu or Ebola, and given an antiviral such as Tamiflu or the experimental drug ZMaap, when it becomes available, for several days.
  3. Stockpile a quantity of Tamiflu and ZMaap with the school nurse or principal when it becomes available, in all communities with pig and poultry farms and now African bush-meat areas.

Prevent the virus from spreading locally

  1. Inform local doctors and people in poultry and pig and bush-meat areas to be vigilant about flu and Ebola symptoms.
  2. When a person has flu or Ebola symptoms quarantine them and give antivirals and ZMaap to everyone who came in contact with them.
  3. Give masks to everyone at every public place, and enforce the wearing of them.
  4. Practice telling people to sneeze into their left elbow, and rub itches with right forearm.
  5. Put antibiotic gloves on all public doorknobs and other things that public people touch.
  6. Stop all people, birds and pigs and bush-meat from leaving a local community.
  7. Keep this community well supplied with food so they will be rewarded for being vigilant and cooperative and not fleeing because of hunger.

Prevent the virus from spreading globally

  1. Shut down international travel as much as possible, especially air travel.
  2. Place antibiotic gloves on all public doorknobs, etc.
  3. Require everyone entering any air terminal worldwide to don a mask.
  4. Require all persons on airplanes to wear a mask.
  5. Have microbial filters on airplane ventilation systems.

Prepare vaccine, antiviral, mask, antiseptic stockpiles in all cities

  1. National governments should have local stockpiles of antibacterial masks and gloves.
  2. UN should have a special backup stockpile to send to epidemic areas.
  3. Good quality information for coping should be pre-printed as posters and displayed.
  4. Do evidence-based research on what really works best, and what doesn’t work.

Personal home treatments

  1. Stay home and rest if sick from any cause.
  2. When sick with any disease totally avoid people, primates, pigs and birds.
  3. During an outbreak avoid all people as much as possible.
  4. Drink plenty of water, and avoid behavior that puts you at risk.
  5. When diarrhea is present, drink water with 1 teaspoon salt, 8 teaspoons sugar dissolved in 1 liter of water.
  6. Treat aches with medications acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen but not aspirin.
  7. If fever hits 103° F take aspirin to lower to 101°F.
  8. My personal experience is that creating a fever of 102°F for 5 minutes with a bath of 106° F water, twice a day for three days at the very beginning of a flu. That alerts the immune system to become active, but getting the body hotter than 102°F begins overwhelming the immune system and causes fatigue, and is probably counterproductive for combating any disease. Never allow your body to go over 103°F without taking medical action.

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The above are standalone posts so they may repeat the basic ideas, but each has a new observation. Fortunately I have no personal experience with Ebola, but one of the early symptoms is a fever, and my personal experience with curing my personal flus for twenty years is to voluntarily raise my body temperature to 102° F. I do this voluntary fever treatment as soon as I have any flu symptoms, and when I have done this I have never had more than a half teaspoon of snot. The quantity of snot is a good measure of the severity of a flu.

I have experimented over the years with slight variations of this fever treatment of flus, and the bath at 106 F. raises my temperature to 102° F. in about a half an hour, by being submersed up to my nose. When I reach the temperature of102° F. I hold it there for five minutes by rising partially out of the bath, by sitting up. My experience is that this procedure works for a flu, and it might work for Ebola. With more than half the people catching Ebola dying, every treatment must be explored.

Ebola cases charted on a log scale  charted on a linear 10 cycle log 8 cycle,

Ebola cases in red and deaths in orange from April 2014 to October Projection to October 2015 is based on the existing six month trend line.

It will be months, and perhaps a years before any ZMaap vaccine will be available beyond experimental quantities, and straight line Ebola Case projections will hit 70,000 cases by New Year’s Day 2015. Many of the proposals above could be implemented in days. Masks and gloves would slow the spread of disease, and shutting down air travel from infected areas would limit the disease to Equatorial Africa. Many of those people’s lives could be saved by sending in thermometers, masks and packaged food, so they could stay isolated from infected people more effectively. This disease like others is probably transferred to the mouth, eyes and nose, after touching some infected materials with the hands.

Millions of people could be trained in days not to touch their mouths, eyes, and noses by having capsaicin sprayed on their fingers.

Links to a history of Probaway’s [EBOLA UPDATES]