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The Life Haven Project is simple enough; it is to create a small community sufficiently distant from a major world war that the people living there would survive. The Life Haven Project is the human survival part of The Earth Ark Project, which is aimed at a more complete restoration of our current ecology. A small community of genetically diverse humans could repopulate the Earth after a total Apocalypse if they were able to sustain themselves for, say, ten years. They would need to have reliable stored food, water and protection from a very hostile environment.

Maritime Sales MRM10 Price: U.S. $ 15,000,000.

Maritime Sales MRM10 Price: U.S. $ 15,000,000.

The ship above is in good operating order, but a ship about to be scrapped would be much cheaper, and since it is intended to be taken out of service it wouldn’t compete with the seller’s or the scrapper’s business.

Love Boat as scrap

The “Love Boat” cruise ship comes to a ship scrapping station.

The ship used by the 1970s TV show “Love Boat” sailed its final trip to Turkey, where it was turned into scrap. It would have been an iconic boat to have been set permanently into Adams Island, south of New Zealand.

Adams Island bay at -50.865 166.028 would be a good place.

Adams Island bay at -50.865 166.028, or -50.8654 166.0556 would be good places.

Adams Island is very remote from any probable conflict, and a ship in this natural harbor would be away from ocean waves, even tsunami waves. Ideally it would be raised above the ocean level into a dry dock, and the hull totally tarred over to reduce rusting so the ship would last for a very long time. It is so remote from anywhere that only someone really prepared would endure the difficulty of going there.

Adams Island docking site for a Life Haven ship.

Adams Island docking site for a Life Haven ship.

Here is a list of other potential Life Haven locations.