This plan to save humanity from its own depredations began as the Life Haven Project. It is designed as a survival community based as far from civilization and bomb targets as possible. The easiest to do would be the Chatham Islands -44.2948, -176.2298 off the east coast of New Zealand, but still a temperate climate. The entire South Island of New Zealand is a natural Life Haven, and with a major war will be as likely as anywhere on Earth to offer reasonable survivability. There are several other sites designed for this use but they are too big for me to do in the present psychological setting of the world. The plan was to build a community of one hundred families from as diverse a genetic heritage as possible and rotate new families through the community after a year or two. Humanity could be reconstructed from these few families.

An easier problem is to save as much of the world’s species of plants and soil samples with other life microbial forms as possible. That developed over several years from a complex problem, to a simpler one to accomplish that I have named The EarthArk Project. There is a need to collect samples from every square kilometer on Earth and send these samples to the mountains of Antarctica where they will remain at minus 40° C for thousands of years. At any later time these samples could be recovered and used to restore many of the living things collected from any given site. It creates an essential ecology for the other animals that depend upon them.

At present this is simply accomplished by my printing an envelope with instructions on the outside and sending these envelopes to locations throughout the world. The local individuals who receive them are instructed to distribute the envelopes to local travelers and to collect seed and soil samples. Once there is material in the envelope, put it into a mail box. The envelope would go to The Earth Station located atop a mountain in Antarctica for preservation. Many envelopes could be made for a reasonable cost and distributed throughout the world. When mailed their first stop would be in Christchurch airport New Zealand, -43.488, 172.540, where they would enter a refrigerated shipping container. When the container was full it would be flown to McMurdo Station Antarctica, and from there flown or trucked to an exposed mountaintop such as, -85.46 172.65, -86.286 -151.001, -80.216 157.417, -84.338 166.432, -83.341 165.797, -83.970 166.576, -83.989 166.671, -87.375 -149.580. To view these sites, cut and paste these lat/lon coordinates into the Google Earth app.

The task at present is to purchase a shipping container, preferably one that can be refrigerated, in Christchurch to receive The Earth Ark envelopes.