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Hurrah! Yikes!! Gasp!!! Gag!!!! As of a few minutes ago there are fixed links at the top of this blog to every one of the 2500 Probaway daily posts. Each of those CONDENSED DAILY THOUGHTS is two lines long, and they are rather short lines too. Choosing that tight format cuts through the meat, cuts on through the bone and gets to the pithy marrow.

For example, taking the 128 philosophers from the Philosophers Squared series, and squeezing the juice from their marrow was pitiless and painful. Socrates had more to say than pay the physician his chicken for this dose of deadly poison – it’s working.

My personal spin on the ideas is, The examined life that doesn’t result in a change of personal behavior wasn’t worth the effort of examining. And yet, this seems a questionable way of “playing chicken” when the success in changing personal behavior is accepting a voluntary execution forced on one by locally acknowledged fools. Both Socrates and Jesus chose that route.

If you succeed in reading those 2500 condensed thoughts I congratulate you, but I would suggest that now is the time take a step up the maturity scale. That will do you more good and help you to become more contented with the world and your life.