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The world is loaded with problems, and some of them impact us directly, while others are remote, but well promoted by the media. It would seem reasonable that every individual would consider where they want to exert their energy, and that would be where there will be some discernible effects. The effects created on a local level don’t have the grandeur that participating in world affairs offers, nor is there the social support of large numbers of people participating in world affairs. These are decisions that every individual must make for themselves, or perhaps what happens with most people, just go along with one’s social group, and fill a niche imposed from outside.

A more energy-consuming path would be for an individual to collect sufficient information on the problems that they could relate to, so they can make a well-balanced choice. Once they have made a choice, to then go more deeply into the factors that make the problem important to them, and then to apply their energy to solving it in some meaningful way. It is important to make some attempt at actually coping with the problem and trying to sell one’s solution to the public, because this first attempt sharpens the details that need to be coped with. Once those are discerned it comes time to dig in and study with passion for a while, and,  depending on the situation, try to limit this to gaining all the data and abilities needed for successful accomplishment. Find what is needed and study that, but then one must ask, how much do you need to know? The answer is highly variable, but a good guess would be to know with certainty what you must know, and know with certainty that you have gathered enough information to know you are doing the right thing, and then do it.

The whole reason for these background preparations is so that you may succeed with your actions. Be prepared to act decisively when each of the moments for action arrive. Preparations that go beyond that needed for a high degree of probable success are counterproductive, because the window for effective action is a small one. Make the preparations as thoroughly and as quickly as possible but be aware that once the actions are in play things will change, and your preparations won’t be perfect, but they will be useful, with some doable alterations, to completing the goals. Be prepared, but when prepared boldly move forward with confidence. If you know your preparations are adequate you will succeed.

Action is driven by thoughts, and better thoughts bring better action.