It seems the only way to communicate with the public is with slogans and T-shirts. These days extended conversation on a subject in the media is in the form of a panel of bigoted persons with rigid agendas shouting pointed obscenities at one another. It soon becomes nothing more than a blizzard of nonsense, There may be some reasonable ideas behind the nonsense, but that is lost in the stupid shouting of vitriol. Amongst this drivel, I like to watch Tosh.0, because seeing the absolute stupidity of seemingly normal ordinary people brings me back to the enormity of the problem of continued human survival.

But why worry about humanity’s survival, you might ask. It is because we have no choice. We are what we are, including all the good, the bad and the indifferent, and as with all other living things we are compelled to make the best of what we have to work with. Humanity does have plenty of good DNA and acquired wisdom to work with, but we must work with it in a positive way, or it goes bad, as is frequently seen in the media.

Oh ya, there is an attempt to improve our species, called Transhumanism, abbreviated as H+. That’s a term coined by Julian Huxley in 1957, and their processes may work given our rapidly improving technology for DNA manipulation. But that approach is filled with frightening potentials for unknown and unknowable disasters and hopefully joys too. In a basic form H+ has already been applied here in America in the form of scholastic aptitude tests. That process sends the brightest to the best schools where they interbreed with the best and brightest, healthiest and most economically and politically connected people in the world. This method has a genetic feedback that is already in its third generation of a population of Transhumans with the average IQ of the children being about 120. That of course is only a typical IQ for self-selected professional people, but this new group of H+ers starts off with super-human DNA advantages. The Chinese are said to be currently collecting DNA from known geniuses all over the world seeking the DNA codes that are needed for various kinds of success.

I think a far more important quality that must also be cultivated into our future folks is kindness. Kindness probably has a genetically heritable component, but the more important quality needed for a positive adulthood is an abundance of positive childhood experiences, and a limited amount of negative childhood experiences. These situations are not too difficult to cultivate when adult people know what they need to be doing for their young. When I observe adult interactions with local children there seems to be a lot of arbitrary adult power plays toward the young that must cultivate destructive attitudes. And I live in a happy community, but the vast majority of places I’ve encountered in the world are far more hostile in public feeling. A place that had grown up with an abundance of really positive childhood experiences would probably be a wonderful place to live. Perhaps they now exist, and we should seek them out, and explore their qualities.

When I observe the slogan T-shirts people are wearing, and the slogan wall posters that are surprisingly ubiquitous, I am shocked by the underlying negative, supposedly cute, sardonic tone they carry. In fact they create needless hostility by identifying others as out-group and therefore enemies.   A poster in Adin's rest room.

The poster above radiates bad advice, and once you become sensitized to the horrible advice coming at us from every directions it is surprising that people are as functional as they are. Having said that, go watch some Tosh.0 for a reality check.

What do you think of a T-shirt reading, “What part of E=MC² don’t you understand?” – With an atomic mushroom cloud for decoration. or “What’s the alternative to Doomsday? – The Earth Ark?”