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In the early 1900s Sigmund Freud said sex was the primary motivator of human actions. Then in 1973 Ernest Becker published, The Denial of Death,which claimed that dread of death was the ultimate motivator of our behavior. It would now seem obvious that both of those concepts are limited, and that other things functionally occupy much more of our daily attention and time.

Sex and death do have a fundamental traction in our reality because underlying them are the Darwinian principles of personal survival and species DNA survival, but they aren’t everything. The necessities for personal survival are programmed into every living thing’s DNA, because without personal survival there could be no reproduction, and obviously following on that, without reproduction there would be no DNA survival and no species, and therefore no living things. As simple and obvious as those concepts are they seem to elude the majority of people’s thought processes. They are to be forgiven and pitied because we live in a blizzard of information, most of which is valid only from a specific point of view. It takes mixing with many different people’s thoughts and understanding and tolerating their points of view before anyone can develop a comprehensive human overview. Almost all of people’s time and attention is consumed by the factors displayed below in the chart of human maturity.

Paths to human maturity

Paths to human maturity.

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