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EDGE.COM has a fine series of articles under the title – 2013: What *should* we be worried about. In the article by Helena Cronin, in the fourth paragraph, she states, “Darwinian science has high status in this world of objective knowledge as perhaps, ‘the single best idea anyone has ever had’. And, probably uniquely in the history of science, it is unlikely to be superseded; biology will be forever Darwinian—for natural selection, it seems, is the only mechanism that can achieve design without a designer.” It is a fine article condemning, in rational detail, the problems with the anti-science crowd, but it doesn’t give any solid methods for crushing their non-thought into the oblivion of discarded non-sense where it so obviously belongs, when judging it by the methods of science.

That said, I did have a problem with the core argument she pursues about Darwinian theory hitting a profound snag with its relationship to the evolution of human beings. She and all other scientists I’ve read and encountered insist that human beings came into existence by Darwinian principles. Strangely, she missed the argument that both Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace asserted, that their theory didn’t fit human beings because there wasn’t enough time to have evolved so many unusual and disparate abilities that humans clearly possess. There is a rational answer, but strangely they didn’t pursue it, or even mention it. It is not uncommon for an obvious idea in retrospect to be overlooked by thoughtful people. The idea that works, and is easily demonstrated to be still in action, is outlined in the article Selection – Natural, Sexual, Artificial and Eveish. If the Eveish theory was presented to those bound to scientific or religious methods of thinking nearly everyone would embrace it. It puts human motivations using artificial selection into the system of natural selection. Scientists will like it because there is no use of supernatural reasoning, and there are observable human qualities which could be challenged on the plausible deniability aspects, and should pass. And, the Eveish theory makes human beings into creatures truly to be honored and respected for making us into the wonderful creatures that we are.

We are not only the descendents of apes, we are the descendents of thinking women.