Here are the posts published in August 2012 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. I wouldn’t hurt a fly.

  2. Pass It On – Kicked her way to the top.

  3. The Last Train to San Fernando – for Israel and Iran

  4. The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt – book review

  5. Directed human evolution has been practiced for a long time.

  6. The giving and receiving of a kindness is a wonderful moment

  7. Mars Curiosity rover just gets curioser and curioser and livelier.

  8. Arthritis cure using capsaicin and hot water is painful.

  9. Black pots, throwing stones with motes in their eyes.

  10. What is justice? What is injustice? Who cares?

  11. Living in beauty improves one’s life.

  12. I dislike the word atheist.

  13. To be or not to be, that is the question for Israel.

  14. Why things exist as they are is an impossible question.

  15. Magnificent Obsession and kindness.

  16. What should a secular church look like?

  17. Keeping people honest, especially politicians.

  18. The oldest human remains (DNA) in the Americas is in Oregon

  19. What Money Can’t Buy by Michael J. Sandel – book review

  20. Bertha Lillie (Aspinall) Eidemiller in Wilder, Idaho

  21. George Fredrick Scamahorn & Mary Estella (Eidemiller) Scamahorn

  22. What is religion?

  23. Why go out into the Oregon wilderness?

  24. Camping at Paulina Lake, Oregon

  25. Cultivating the habit of kindness is essential for all humanity.

  26. How can humanity survive for 10,000 years?

  27. My mother as a child holding a baby doll.

  28. I am so glad I am here.

  29. How do we fix stupidity in America?

  30. How to improve your life expectancy.

  31. Half of medical school information is wrong. Hypothermic death is one.