Here are the posts published in July 2012 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. Should I be kind, or fair, or just?

  2. How small can a kindness be and still be effective?

  3. A list of polite acts and kind acts

  4. ‘On Kindness’ by Adam Phillips & Barbara Taylor – book review

  5. I discover an unknown 55-year-old personal disaster.

  6. How to prevent most airliner crashes.

  7. The practice of daily kindness by nice people.

  8. A kind act begins with understanding the problem.

  9. Illustrations of kind acts

  10. We need a kindness day here on Earth.

  11. Is society doomed if we fall into scientific illiteracy?

  12. Ramping up kindness for the whole world.

  13. ‘Reality is Broken’ by Jane McGonigal – book review

  14. Pay It Forward – a concept analysis of kindness.

  15. Pay It Forward – a movie with a message

  16. Kindness is morally neutral

  17. Is it possible to be too kind?

  18. Our goal is to be kind, but there is a problem.

  19. Most population studies have a large element of preposterous.

  20. Bouncing from optimism to pessimism and back and forth.

  21. Eidemiller reunion in Tipp City, Ohio

  22. Old computer access versus modern programs.

  23. The Dark Knight Rises – Movie review


  25. How to get rid of too much STUFF.

  26. A Dark Knight Rises with a strange coming down for me.

  27. A visit to John Louis Eidemiller’s grave by some of his descendents.

  28. Will humans soon be obsolete?

  29. Being kind requires being a complete human being.

  30. Race Against the Machine. – book review

  31. What a modern medical exam will soon be like.