Here are the posts published in June 2012 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. My problems with – “The Gospel Truth!”

  2. Bend, Oregon is a place of fabulous opportunities.

  3. I haven’t been kind enough to you.

  4. Kindness is in short supply in the modern world.

  5. Thoughts on kindness and critiques of those thoughts.

  6. The dilemma for young American adults – get a job or an education?

  7. Human evolution in today’s labs.

  8. Kindness is in the little things, but not always.

  9. How Pleasure Works by Paul Bloom – book review

  10. Is your interpretation of The Golden Rule selfish?

  11. The Sermon On The Mount – action terms

  12. The pitiful state of the American mind.

  13. Challenge your integrity to make it strong.

  14. Humans are not quite fully human yet.

  15. World Heritage Sites + Flickr + YouTube + Wikipedia + Amazon + Map + links

  16. Are American boys smarter than their teachers and girls?

  17. Is what we call thinking just rearranging our prejudices?

  18. God is a wonderful idea.

  19. When will the higher education bubble burst?

  20. The propinquity of kindness is shortsighted.

  21. Top 5, Top 10, Top 20 job search sites.

  22. Who’s in charge? by Michael Gazzaniga – book review

  23. The drones will soon be spying on you. Yes, you!

  24. Baby skunks in my back yard. What to do?

  25. How to cool the Earth for 1000 years with cold ocean water.

  26. Humanity on the brink – of what?

  27. Everyone will soon have a cellphone and be online.

  28. Thomas Jefferson – The creator of the world’s idea of freedom.

  29. How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie – review

  30. How to measure kindness?