Here are the posts published in January 2012 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. Probaway Person of the year 2012 – Zebrafish

  2. Our food comes from cheap energy.

  3. Individual human rights balanced with humanity’s rights.

  4. RDM to SFO to ORD to CMH.

  5. Andrew Wyeth – Christina’s World needs exposing.

  6. Probaway self-portraits with light stripes.

  7. Supernatural and Natural Selection – Review

  8. Long term human survival has been based on human religion.

  9. Too much regulation is counterproductive.

  10. A visit to the High Desert Museum, Bend, Oregon.

  11. Walking in the footsteps of President Warren G. Harding

  12. The 2012 Detroit Auto Show is the future of America.

  13. Occupy Movement’s attainable goal.

  14. Playing with shadows on Pilot Butte, Oregon

  15. Plumbing a house for a cold climate winter.

  16. Some thoughts on the evolution of human aesthetics.

  17. Some thoughts on a religion without a single god.

  18. Our first real snow here in Bend, Oregon

  19. We need a list of locations and dates of spectacular natural events.

  20. What supernatural thing might a nontheist believe in?

  21. Visual music makes for a strange day.

  22. Gods are volitional beings beyond our daily experience.

  23. The Occupy Movement versus the real American elite.

  24. Gossiping women created human morality.

  25. The supernatural god humans seek may be the Void.

  26. How to make an electronic brain.

  27. Cross-eye color vision experiments are in the brain

  28. Is there a positive morality behind supernatural crime?

  29. Too many elephants in our house!

  30. The Occupy Movement in Bend, Oregon

  31. Human origins by Darwin, Wallace, Gould, Wilson and Probaway