Here are the posts published in August 2011 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. Another beautiful day in Bend, Oregon

  2. More work on the World Heritage Links web site.

  3. I dip my little toe into commercialization of my posts.

  4. Colonoscopy Colyte prep cleanse procedure made easy

  5. The economy is crashing but it’s party time in Bend.

  6. The Probaway Midway Diet

  7. The news is always bad even when it is very good

  8. World Heritage Links still isn’t right.

  9. A great web site need a great name.

  10. How to greet Jehovah’s Witness handout people.

  11. How to remember phone numbers.

  12. Humanity needs both religion and science

  13. Our personal moral step for a more moral humanity.

  14. Dogs make people’s lives better at Bend, OR, UU

  15. How men and dogs became domesticated.

  16. Spider bite update – a year after the bite

  17. A reflective photograph of my nose growing longer.

  18. There comes a time to learn CSS – Cascading Style Sheets

  19. A house party in Bend, Oregon

  20. A typical day in Bend, Oregon – for me.

  21. Ice flow in Antarctica and The EarthArk Project

  22. Saving endangered species is overly optimistic

  23. CSS isn’t learned in a day

  24. Bend Photo MeetUp club goes to the Farmers Market

  25. Charles Scamahorn, 920 NE Quimby Avenue, Bend, Oregon

  26. Move inland as hurricane Irene approaches the US East Coast

  27. CSS for beginners is a challenge.

  28. We walk to the grocery store in Bend, Oregon.

  29. Feedback on the CSS simple site.

  30. Uploading my super basic CSS tutorial.

  31. Ed Endsley promotes his coming photography show in Bend, Oregon