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The lines below are condensed thoughts from a day in April.

13 April 2014 Using a two part space-station connected with a cable an artificial gravity can be created and removed without expending any additional energy for the whole interplanetary mission.

14 April 2014  Humans are already nice because that’s what women have consistently chosen for breeding partners.

15 April 2014  Our kind deeds live forever in the form of enhanced human self-interest, which expands to all life’s self-interest, and to intelligence’s self-interest.

16 April 2014  When you have a scientifically defensible position assert it clearly, boldly and with an example. Let your audience cope with seeing the conflict with their previous untestable and unprovable assertions.

17 April 2014  We are in control of our actions of the future, but not of our actions of the instant present. 

18 April 2014  There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!

19 April 2014  What are predictors of super success in life?

20 April 2014  It would appear that the terror of the machines being in control already exists.

21 April 2014 Although these weeks at the Encampment for Citizenship may not sound like a typical success story, in fact they were the emotional foundation for quite a few more successful actions later in my life.

22 April 2014  Putting a few drops of your own blood into a raw dry-tooth socket may save you some grief.

23 April 2014  There are many pleasant paths for us to explore, but we must choose to explore them.

24 April 2014  In the infinity of the future it would seem inevitable that terrible things will happen. Now in times of calm thought and potential reflection is the time to prepare ourselves for appropriate action.

25 April 2014  This same Tao seems to possess different qualities
When we approach it in different ways.

26 April 2014  Without free speech based on published and enforced law you have no rights at all.

27 April 2014  Writing something down, especially in an indexable form as is now done on a computer, makes it more easily available, and more used and thus more valuable.

28 April 2014  When a machine is intelligent enough to design better intelligent machines an evolutionary process will soon make ultra-intelligent ones far surpassing human capabilities.

29 April 2014  The message to American youth – take charge of your life and your future by personal actions, and found a company.

30 April 2014  I like humor, and “Make sex unpleasant” is a good quip because of its obvious functionality, but utter unpopularity.