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Today I was reading a Richard Dawkins article which pondered over the problem of why people are so nice to one another. He wrote, “From a rational choice point of view, or from a Darwinian point of view, human super niceness is just plain dumb.” He believes that all animals live in a world of pure self-interest, and humans, being animals, would naturally take every opportunity to steal everything they could from the environment and from other people. That we don’t behave that way leaves Dawkins, and formerly Charles Darwin, flummoxed.

Dawkins’ article searches for an explanation of our super niceness, so observed human niceness could be intentionally induced to spread through humanity like an epidemic.  “Could super niceness be packaged in such a form that it passes down the generations in swelling traditions of longitudinal propagation?” When I read that line I momentarily thought he had read my Eveish theory and was going forward with it, but he then lost track of the obvious, and started beating on his favorite straw man, Jesus and other religions. Later he returns with, “The advent of human super niceness is something unprecedented in four billion years of evolutionary history.” He obviously didn’t understand the operating principle of niceness, so then he corks his erroneously bottled theory with, “The singularity [of humans] is a product of blind evolution itself, not the creation of any unevolved intelligence. It resulted from the natural evolution of the human brain which, under the blind forces of natural selection, expanded to the point where, all unforeseen, it overreached itself and started to behave insanely from the selfish gene’s point of view.” This is wrong and even Darwin and Wallace knew it to be wrong back in the 1860’s, because humans have too many genetically unusual qualities to have evolved independently so quickly, under the blind forces of natural selection. What would be the natural driving forces for language, or the ability to learn computer games? There had to be something more.

Dawkins and all of the other modern evolutionary theorists still don’t understand how humans came into being, and it wasn’t from natural selection, it was from human-driven artificial selection, which I call Eveish selection. Our human qualities arose because humans began choosing their breeding partners for qualities other than pure natural selection of the physically healthiest mates.

All humans, and especially women, choose their mates on more than physical strength and health, and among the many qualities we seek is niceness. There is a heritable quality to being a nice person, and because all humans voluntarily choose to be around nice people, those are the ones our ancestors chose to live with and have children with. Dawkins was searching for a rigidly doctrinaire evolutionary method for creating super niceness, while ignoring the fact that we have been selecting for niceness for at least a hundred thousand years. We are nice to one another because it is bred into our genetic code to be nice to one another, as much as possible. That is covered more thoroughly in Eveish Selection Theory.

Humans are already nice because that’s what women have consistently chosen for breeding partners.