Here are the posts published in September 2010 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. The TV series Hung finds sex symbols everywhere in Detroit

  2. Hung TV yesterday and pant suspenders today

  3. Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake – locating the photos on GoogleEarth

  4. FREE Toothpaste by cutting the tube open

  5. Is this a Recluse spider and a recluse spider bite?

  6. eaarth is simplistic and pretentious like An Inconvenient Truth – review

  7. California drivers licence problems – review

  8. Human evolution favored talkers and dancers

  9. The Clash of Civilizations – S P Huntington

  10. My arthritis cure seems to work – update

  11. Berkeley weather, plants and trees looked beautiful today.

  12. Stupid traffic signs cause auto accidents

  13. Pain drugs epidemic caused by poor measurement of pain.

  14. I overate today so tomorrow I must under-eat.

  15. How to enjoy a dental root canal operation.

  16. John, Laurie and I go to my potential new home

  17. Electric power failure means lights out but also gone – TV, computer, cold food and heating.

  18. I dreamed I was an interloper in a classroom

  19. Our new Indian Hills home?

  20. Living in Easy World takes a bit of thought.

  21. Lake Tahoe sunrise walks on the South Shore

  22. The BIG day finally arrives. We make an offer.

  23. Badly placed merging arrows on highways cause accidents

  24. 70% of known plant species are at risk of extinction.

  25. How to remember to take four pills per day.

  26. The Most Powerful Idea in the World – review

  27. San Francisco is faked by a British Airways photo.

  28. Too many icons are confusing and counterproductive.

  29. Seasonal flu – infectivity, susceptibility, humidity, transmission, infections

  30. It is a sad day for me.