Here are the posts published in August 2010 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. How can I know who will tell me the truth?

  2. Natural experiments on how can we learn from history – review

  3. Tipping points and snapping points to Doomsday.

  4. Top 3 events for humanity! – Ever.

  5. Top 10 search engines with a surprise!

  6. How Superman is able to fly is revealed at last.

  7. Help – My clothes are attacking me and falling apart.

  8. Discovery, enthusiasm, delusion, denial, grief, acceptance and libration.

  9. Charles Shaw recorked, a simple solution to my open wine bottle problem.

  10. Bulls horn their way through deep time.

  11. Campbell’s Soup Can tipping points and other weird points.

  12. THE FAITH INSTINCT: How religion evolved by Nicholas Wade – book review

  13. Why bother breathing?

  14. Worse than War by Daniel Goldhagen – book review

  15. Progression of a new idea from distrust to common usage.

  16. I have no power to think but I do have the power to observe.

  17. Pain Scale for Intensity Measurement and Management

  18. Just easy living and just blogging away.

  19. Dessert first, middle and last and why it works.

  20. Creating a secure password is solved at last

  21. How to we find a comfortable home for old age?

  22. The murder rate in Berkeley is a reason to avoid that city.

  23. I choose to control my destiny through denial and deletion

  24. The Clash Of Civilizations by Samuel Huntington – book review

  25. Spider bites can be fun to watch.

  26. A moving adventure begins with a new house

  27. Disaster in middle America is in positive feedback mode.

  28. House hunting gets serious when you walk onto the property.

  29. Purchasing a house requires considerable forethought of consequences

  30. Why the word hope makes me queasy and should make you queasy too.

  31. How to do a deep cough to clear inhaled food.