Here are the posts published in July 2010 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. Finding a new house is finding a new life.

  2. 100 million future people live on recycled leftovers.

  3. Eco-tourism is hypocrisy on stilts

  4. A perfect catastrophe is brewing for humanity.

  5. One hundred million happy people is possible

  6. Cross-eye mind games versus religious mind games

  7. I think I have lost “my” power to think.

  8. Trustworthiness of scientific data versus religious data

  9. The origin of the universe isn’t important anymore

  10. The Blind Watchmaker gets some fabulous eyes

  11. What controls life depends on whose in control

  12. A cheap easy cure for arthritis – maybe

  13. House hunting on the Internet

  14. WRONG answer to: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

  15. Berkeley shocks me again !!!

  16. You pay a big price to live in Berkeley

  17. What to look for when getting a new house

  18. Mysterious product labeling of Ivory soap and Capsaicin

  19. Why are people so stupid and me in particular?

  20. A new life of opportunities awaits me

  21. It is obvious we need the EarthArk immediately

  22. Baby Name Wizard measures what people are thinking

  23. What would be a fun thing to do for ten years?

  24. Good laws fairly enforced are needed for happiness

  25. Global Catastrophes aren’t all that bad. – NOT ! ! !

  26. What would I like to have accomplished in 10 years

  27. Your personal EarthArk in a free water bottle.

  28. Mountain top adventures in Antarctica

  29. Is entertainment the ultimate meaning of life?

  30. What if we had a population explosion in reverse?

  31. Why has it taken so long to build a replacement bridge?