Here are the posts published in May 2010 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. Global Catastrophic Risks by Bostrom & Cirkovic – review #6

  2. $20 Per Gallon: by Christopher Steiner – book review

  3. 2012 – The movie – A caustic review.

  4. Carolyn Merchant lectures on scientific revolution and a new contract with nature.

  5. Feeding 9 Billion with the Challenges of Climate Change

  6. Dror Wahrman lectures on Evert Collier’s hidden codes.

  7. The Virtues of Mendacity by Martin Jay – lecture review

  8. The Next 100 Years by George Friedman – book review with comments

  9. How to use your nose more wisely to smell pungency better.

  10. How a permanent civilization is helped by domes.

  11. Building toward a self sustaining 10,000 year civilization.

  12. Neanderthals interbred and became Newmantals

  13. Architectural “statements” are always monstrous!

  14. We need a new paradigm of life for humanity.

  15. I want human beings to be happy.

  16. Great spherical monuments to Modern Architecture

  17. People should be exposed to the effects of their decisions.

  18. Extreme Ice NOW by James Balog – a book review

  19. A new possibility for extending your healthy life.

  20. What TRUTH and BEAUTY have in common.

  21. Don’t be boring even if you have nothing to say.

  22. Lies, damn lies and absolute truth.

  23. The Story of Western Architecture – book review

  24. Breaking Bad – Fly: or How to swat flies. review

  25. Founding a society for 10,000 years of stability.

  26. What will control the world for 10,000 years?

  27. A model city built for 10,000 years of use.

  28. Modern architects don’t know what architecture is!

  29. Architecture For Beginners by Louis Hellman – review

  30. You Earth people are stupid! Stupid! STUPID!!

  31. Human population viewed in reverse as zero growth.