Here are the posts published in February 2010 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. Sara Frucht – a good friend and a great artist.

  2. The curse of modern civilization is noise.

  3. The most amazing map of our mother Earth.

  4. The rabbit Achilles finally catches Zeno’s tortoise

  5. My treatment of today’s flu worked okay.

  6. My flu germs are doing better than I am.

  7. My flu germs are doing much better than I am.

  8. I have cured the H1N1 flu – hurrah – maybe

  9. Virginia Woolf – Portrait comparisons

  10. A young Virginia Woolf – 108 years later

  11. H1N1 flu. My-experience update.

  12. How you can solve The Doomsday Equation

  13. Nina Jablonski’s hairless human skin theory

  14. Fun experiments with your eyes

  15. More fun experiments with your eyes

  16. Experiments with your eyes and brain #3

  17. Experiments with your eyes and brain #4

  18. A photograph of Charles Scamahorn

  19. A Maturity Quotient MQ-test to replace IQ-tests.

  20. Experiments with your eyes and brain #5

  21. A brain concussion can be measured with a ruler.

  22. Why are adolescents so stupid? I don’t mean low IQ I mean stupid.

  23. Adult behavior isn’t stupid but it isn’t smart either.

  24. Mature behavior is helped by a higher IQ

  25. To behave as a sage requires intelligence, experience and thoughtfulness.

  26. Childish behavior is okay for children but very poor for older people.

  27. To maximize happiness behave at your highest maturity level.

  28. Probaway – PATHS TO MATURITY – Chart expanded.