Here are the posts published in January 2010 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. New Year’s Resolutions must be meaningful.

  2. Top Ten SMART resolutions for the New Year made easier

  3. Are distant galaxies being pulled away by old light?

  4. How to promote a blog

  5. Blog promotion may have difficulties and perils

  6. My previous blogs might have been too negative to be read.

  7. Radio and TV promotion – basic observations

  8. Eliminating poverty from the Earth

  9. twitter – A new spin on life for me.

  10. Robinson Crusoe Island is a fun Google Earth vacation spot.

  11. A320 Hudson River crash was unnecessary and risky.

  12. The real Sherlock Holmes was also Jack the Ripper.

  13. Who wants to die on Doomsday day? Not I!

  14. Maximizing human happiness is my goal. What’s yours?

  15. You can survive a heart attack with two aspirin taken instantly..

  16. The Golden Rule as it should be helps you into Heaven.

  17. bubbles, BUBBLES pretty bubbles in the market place

  18. Conversations are improved by appealing to bias.

  19. An essential upgrade to the Four Human Freedoms

  20. I am not just me – I am all sorts of other things too.

  21. The man who writes for fools.

  22. The unknowable unknowns may be what kills civilization.

  23. What you and your friends believe controls your actions.

  24. Glenn Eidemiller Jr. – A wonderful life in my memories.

  25. Our task is to be interesting or shut up and listen.

  26. Stupid people laugh at the wrong times.

  27. Who will control your mind next year?

  28. Laurie’s quick-click home page.

  29. I must be crazy—almost everyone says I am.

  30. The Age of Stupid – movie review and meeting.

  31. Coffeeshop Mediterraneum, Peet’s and Starbuck’s upgrades