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Last Sunday I stood outside of the front door of my UU church and gave away aspirin tablets. By standing outside it wasn’t necessary to get the permission of anyone, as I was just giving them to the public. I showed each person how I carried a little packet of two 325 milligram aspirin tablets in my wallet next to my money. It is a good place to keep them because I always know exactly where my wallet is and where my money is, so I can find the aspirin in a couple of seconds. Several people said they were taking baby aspirin 75 mg everyday for prevention of heart attacks; to which I replied, that is helpful, but all the same people people sometimes get heart attacks, and that taking aspirin immediately upon having a heart attack symptoms greatly increased their chance that tomorrow a heart attack victim would be just as good as were today before the painful event. Also, if someone you were with had an attack you could give your aspirin to them and potentially save their life. I also made it perfectly clear that they should get to an emergency room as quickly and safely as possible.

The tablets don’t cost very much, so I am giving these aspirin packets to everyone I meet, at my own expense. Also, I am going to suggest this as a mission for my church to sponsor. It would be great to send a box to every UU church in the country, and lots of other venues too. The church situation is good because they could be given out in the collection basket at every service. This is something I can do and promote and not just talk about. Everyone in the world should have access to a couple of aspirin within a few seconds of heart attack symptoms, so perhaps a program could be initiated to accomplish that too. The ones used were Medi-first Aspirin 2 x 325mg tablets per packet and 250 packets box. Available online at Amazon.

Aspirin tablets could be part of the trail head sign board often seen when entering remote areas, so people who had heart attack symptoms away from other people would have them readily available. They could be part of the Trail head survival kit.

Always carry aspirin in your wallet next to your money.