Here are the posts published in September 2009 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. Climate Code Red: the case for emergency action.

  2. Seeing the future, Armageddon – Sonnet #4

  3. Coping with normal mood depression is easy for some people.

  4. How to go farther on less gas and rubber.

  5. How to separate pages of paper.

  6. The near future must include an EarthArk.

  7. Coffee shop conversation control and manipulation techniques.

  8. Why are old people so stupid on computers?

  9. What is the ideal human population for maximizing happiness?

  10. Why try to predict a global famine?

  11. Why can’t people trust their own senses?

  12. How will the world cope with famine when it comes?

  13. Quit kidding yourself about carbon footprint being painless.

  14. What online shopping means to your job.

  15. South Lake Tahoe is perfect in September

  16. Walking the shores of Lake Tahoe

  17. An overdose of politics while on vacation.

  18. “You lie!” may soon be chanted across America.

  19. Lying in the grass in the Truckee meadows.

  20. Fallen Leaf Lake, CA. The good life.

  21. It’s coming! The flood that is and we need the EarthArk.

  22. Migraine experiment updates are reported.

  23. Air conditioning the old fashioned way.

  24. Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Jack the Ripper and Vincent Van Gogh

  25. New uses for old rechargeable batteries.

  26. “Jack the Ripper left no clues”?! Ha! Ha!

  27. I am Apophenio! I see what others don’t!

  28. Apophenio is revealed as a superhero.

  29. Apophenio confronts Prosopagnosio and fails!

  30. Pow! You have new incredible powers.