Here are the posts published in August 2009 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. A Time and Space warp for Christopher Columbus.

  2. Christopher Columbus – Admiral of the Ocean Sea – book review

  3. Life’s goal – A good night’s sleep with someone you love.

  4. Are you confused about the H1N1 flu?

  5. And that’s the way it is—and I still love it.

  6. Move up the happiness scale while there is still time.

  7. The Probaway single stroke shorthand system

  8. In the Land of Invented Languages by Arika Okrent – book review

  9. Casablanca – Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart – book review

  10. REVENGE Rache! Rachel poster from Chicago Haymarket bombing.

  11. A Woody Allen clone finds a plastic Jesus in a Berkeley dumpster.

  12. A Big Bang clock’s time is based on a Ytterbium vibration count.

  13. Why am I so unpopular?

  14. I only think I think therefore I only think I am.

  15. WHO is now begging for free Tamiflu to give to crooks.

  16. How to build a Great Pyramid.

  17. People expect to live forever—in perfect health.

  18. How to achieve dominance in a coffee shop.

  19. Eve choosing Adam with a little help from her friends.

  20. Human courage and God’s plan for man.

  21. Casablanca is a hideous movie for mature people.

  22. How to live a little longer when you are dying.

  23. Intelligence — Artificial Intelligence and Me.

  24. Coffee shop information control techniques.

  25. How you can cure H1N1 flu – maybe.

  26. Flu shots might make you sick and save your life.

  27. Flu shots might make you sick and save your life.

  28. How to divert hurricanes with sea anchors.

  29. What is the ultimate good for human behavior?

  30. Who will die when there is a major crop failure?

  31. Dental root canal US $1600 vs India $100