Here are the posts published in July 2009 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. 100 Top Museums of the World – with links

  2. A photograph of the Jack the Ripper in the victim’s eye.

  3. What We Know about Emotional Intelligence – Review

  4. Why are people good to each other?

  5. Field Guide to the San Andreas Fault – a review

  6. William Shakespeare – The Chandos portrait restored.

  7. The EarthArk Project Goals

  8. A thank you to Nature.

  9. Dear Boss – Jack the Ripper

  10. It’s a great time to be a blogger.

  11. Eat less and live longer! But HOW ? ? ? Here’s how.

  12. With great power comes great responsibility—and YOU have the power to save the world.

  13. Ancient Homer lends hope to our despair.

  14. We are evolving as a species with WolframAlpha.

  15. Population pendulum will soon swing to well below a billion people

  16. The coming human population crash is an unpopular topic.

  17. We already live in heaven.

  18. Jack the Ripper had a chameleon personality.

  19. A Guide to Personal Happiness – book review

  20. How to make a big space station cheaply.

  21. Cold, Dark and Empty

  22. The knowledge of Good and Evil

  23. Getting rid of old stuff is hard to do.

  24. Some obvious flu preparations: masks on airplanes.

  25. The setpoint diet is easy.

  26. Jack the Ripper was a consummate doer of evil.

  27. The coming global disaster is in full speed ahead mode.

  28. A colorful blog for mice and men.

  29. Why are white people so stupid?

  30. Why didn’t American Indians have domesticated animals?

  31. Sleep, Hallucinations and Hoaxes by Jack