Here are the posts published in March 2009 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. Amazon KINDLE-2 screen protective cover

  2. How to save electricity automatically.

  3. Potential Earthark sites in central Antarctica

  4. Antarctica – possible Earthark storage sites

  5. Mountain top Eartharks for local use

  6. Humanity is on a collision course with the obvious

  7. Saving humanity and the world includes saving books

  8. The fake Drake Plate was created by Conan Doyle

  9. Saving modern humanity includes high tech stuff

  10. How to get to an Earthark container in Central Antarctica

  11. Aptera should exceed 250 passenger miles per gallon

  12. Super-super-computers and climate modeling

  13. Chocolate Raptus has come to Earth before the Rapture

  14. Automatic battery charging makes an all electric economy work.

  15. Wind energy

  16. How to lie, cheat and steal, falsify, prevaricate and observe

  17. Breaking Bad is bad, bad, bad in every sense of the word.

  18. Our first footsteps on dry land 375 million years ago.

  19. – – – – Computer dies.
  20. Darwin Awards are coming humanity’s way.

  21. My classic Viewsonic CRT monitor burns up.

  22. ViewSonic LCD monitor VX2835WM review and comparison to old CRT

  23. What are the Natural Toolboxes of successful behaviors

  24. Fainting, heart attack and G-forces are countered by contracting stomach muscles

  25. Sex Differences in a Crisis by Rose McDermott

  26. Famine is now here and coupled with A-bombs and ICBMs.

  27. Earthquake and civil disaster preparedness

  28. Population cap with transferable reproductive rights

  29. Field guide to the Apocalypse in review

  30. Shirt button alignment trick.

  31. Oil consumption collides with disaster