Here are the posts published in December 2008 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. The Simpsons and the real man at Fox, Peter Chernin.
  2. Notes on Earthhaven, Lifehaven, Earth Ark
  3. the really cool people – Andrew Hargadon, Jean Paul Jacob, Julien Decot
  4. Carbon Capture and Sequestration: Burying CO2
  5. How to maximize humanity’s happiness.
  6. New ideas are always rejected!
  7. Funny times in the bathtub with a common cold.
  8. What is a perfect world for Earth-people?
  9. Predicting the unknown unknowns of Doomsday
  10. Earthark Project suitcase and poster at the Caffe Mediterraneum
  11. EarthArk logo symbol
  12. What will be the Earth’s maximum population?
  13. Estimating the interaction between Earth’s stressors.
  14. What are the chances of stressors colliding with reality?
  15. Coming disasters might combine for worse effects.
  16. The world seed bank needs money
  17. Codex Gigas – The Devil’s Bible
  18. The first EarthArk is being prepared for Antarctica.
  19. Caffe Mediterraneum is the first EarthArk drop site.
  20. Focus Magic takes out some camera motion.
  21. EarthArk logo
  22. TIME magazine – person of the year. Barack Obama!
  23. Permanent Birth Control for women.
  24. The probable future of humanity
  25. Christmas at the Vatican but without Christ’s message
  26. Great gas mileage, 51mpg, with a 1996 Corolla
  27. Doomsday, Armageddon, Apocalypse and Revelation
  28. Categorizing enables search and find strategies
  29. EarthArk supporter certificates and buttons
  30. Web users ratings make web viewing better.
  31. Happy New Year from Dr. Doomsday