Here are the posts published in November 2008 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. The Gene Barrel Solution for human survival.
  2. The Gene Barrel distribution around the South Pole
  3. Nuclear Deterrence in the Age of Nuclear Terrorism – Graham Allison – review
  4. Human Accomplishment by Charles Murray – review
  5. Antarctic gene barrels, the final refuge of civilization
  6. Founding a Billion Dollar Company by James Truchard
  7. Ensuring Digital Documents and a Wikipedia lecture.
  8. Doomsday and what you can do now
  9. Robert Furman, a pivotal person in the atom bombings
  10. Terrorists and Freedom fighters want the A-bomb
  11. Who should have the power to explode A-bombs?
  12. Is a thousand year digital data storage possible using Pergamum?
  13. The Future of Carbon Capture and Sequestration
  14. Public Information, Secret Information and spys.
  15. Humanity’s Genes and the Human Condition: past, present and future
  16. Stop thinking and working too much.
  17. A-bombs and the population of the top 100 countries.
  18. Human population lecture from a United Nations veteran.
  19. How to proceed with saving humanity and saving the Earth.
  20. Earth’s resources are limited
  21. Dropped Laptop Computer rescued with air bags.
  22. Bell’s palsy and how personal facial expressions affect one’s own emotion.
  23. How to lie successfully using the Stanislavsky technique.
  24. Humanities for the 21st Century – Zombianities
  25. DMOC: Discrete Mechanics and Optimal Control
  26. A good relationship starts with honesty on the first date.
  27. Thanksgiving dinner in Silicon Valley
  28. Recent Top 10 actors and best scenes.
  29. How to create enthusiasm for humanity’s backup plan.
  30. Genius is underpaid because it rises above common understanding.