Here are the posts published in September 2008 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. NEJM – Shattuck Lecture – Health of the Nation
  2. Iatrogenic and nosocomial diseases can be limited.
  3. iRobot and Mars rovers in the Antarctic
  4. Copenhagen Consensus 2008 makes the problems worse.
  5. How to find your way in an alien environment.
  6. When something becomes easier to use it becomes more useful.
  7. Icons in a field can help you find your target.
  8. Hamlet not weak but powerfully conflicted and very sane.
  9. Tahoe vacation September 2008
  10. McCain and Obama and their future actions and words.
  11. Happiness is available for everyone.
  12. Books on Fire—a review with some suggestions.
  13. Cure the common cold with 102°F voluntary fevers.
  14. The easy life at Lake Tahoe.
  15. Prevent the common cold with capsaicin
  16. The Lake Tahoe vacation was very pleasant—until.
  17. SanDisk founder Sanjay Mehrotra speaks at Berkeley.
  18. Lake Tahoe vacation September 2008 reviewed
  19. Sir Francis Drake 1577-1580: The Secret Voyage of
  20. WIRED: Pleistocene Park – reviewed
  21. A Thousand Hounds by Taschen – reviewed
  22. We need innovation like we have never had before!
  23. New Zealand is the modern Noah’s Ark, an Earth Ark.
  24. Why people don’t look at paintings in museums.
  25. Norman Rockwell, an artful illustrator reviewed.
  26. The Greenwashing of America
  27. Preserving books for the future by burying them.
  28. Comparing Freedom Fighters vs Terrorists and Republicans vs Democrats.
  29. Google Maps – Street view for Antarctica and finding meteorite concentrations.
  30. Physics for Future Presidents by Richard Muller review.