Here are the posts published in August 2008 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. Top Ten reasons not to worry about Doomsday.
  2. A Scamawich is an upgraded sandwich that doesn’t leak.
  3. Itching, itching and more itching!!! How to stop itching???
  4. A Doomsday scenario limited to major combatants.
  5. Dewey decimal system, Library of Congress LOC index and JulianA.
  6. The Pain Scale for measuring suffering and alleviation of suffering.
  7. The colonoscopy laxative drink made enjoyable.
  8. Plantar fasciitis – a pain in the foot.
  9. Trustworthiness Scale measures the verifiability of information.
  10. Probaway Script – shorthand system is shown complete on a single page.
  11. What is good? And the “is/fuzzy/ought” problem.
  12. Mars rocks on the cheap. Man on Mars? No need.
  13. A FREE cure for a simple pimple.
  14. Surviving heart attacks with aspirin taken immediately.
  15. Measuring disasters on a scale permits rational comparisons.
  16. Too few Olympic medals! We want more…!!!
  17. Survival, Survivalism, Lifehaven, Doomsday, Armageddon.
  18. How to pick up women.
  19. Life after Doomsday? Maybe.
  20. The Metric System Contracted For Easy Use
  21. Olympic judging needs fixing.
  22. The easy paths to human maturity.
  23. Boarding airplanes takes too long and here is the fix.
  24. Top 10 Tips on how to enjoy eating.
  25. 1500 Human languages are great but one common language is essential.
  26. Berkeley leads America in a downward spiral.
  27. A Google Earth measurement tool is needed.
  28. ‘The Great Delusion’ of endless economic growth
  29. The Holy Grail is your personal ladder to your personal heaven.
  30. A letter to the people of New Zealand.
  31. Gustav and the McCain, Obama and Bush responses.