Here are the posts published in July 2008 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. Doomsday — ten years later. The worst extinction Earth ever experienced.
  2. Doomsday — one hundred years later. A pitiful resolve.
  3. Doomsday recovery — One thousand years of hope fulfilled.
  4. Doomsday — and the 10,000 years of returning to nature.
  5. The ten day diet plan – The easiest diet ever.
  6. Doomsday – 100,000 years later and nature triumphs.
  7. Lifehaven – Pitt Island
  8. Fixing Doomsday with a new species and a new life form.
  9. After Doomsday are there gods and angels or devils and demons?
  10. Artificial Intelligence as a precipitator of Doomsday.
  11. Doomsday blasts and radioactive fallout will be in the Northern Hemisphere.
  12. Why discussing the Lifehaven project is so unpopular.
  13. Nasrudin might help us survive the coming Doomsday.
  14. Machiavelli – The Prince, Discourses and Doomsday inevitability.
  15. Imhotep was the first master of Doomsday.
  16. Curtis Lemay — the real Doomsday prophet.
  17. Roger Bacon was the prophet of science and Doomsday.
  18. Doomsday might be triggered intentionally by a suicidal terrorist.
  19. What would Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer do about Doomsday?
  20. Ethics functions to promote species survival.
  21. How ethical behavior can help us survive Doomsday.
  22. The PGP genome project is synergistic with the Lifehaven strategy.
  23. How Adam Smith’s invisible hand might help us avoid Doomsday.
  24. Roosevelt, Oppenheimer, Air Force pilots and Plutonium manufacturers.
  25. Andrew Carnegie aims to maximize the benefits to humanity.
  26. The little finger on Adam Smith’s invisible hand.
  27. Human evolution was controlled by emergent human women.
  28. A Doomsday scenario with a limited atomic war.
  29. Migraine cure – an aura event appeared to respond to an ice pack and tapping.
  30. Google Earth upgrade improvements needed.
  31. Doomsday and the McCain-Obama Presidential campaign.