Here are the posts published in April 2008 on probaway.wordpress.com:

  1. Lifehavens for humanity. Survival alternatives with 1,000 people each.
  2. Cell phone icons and on-line human interactions.
  3. BMI (Body Mass Index) is replaced by BDI (Body Density Index)
  4. Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona
  5. A Convenient Truth – lecture by Dan Reicher of Google.org
  6. Humanity’s survival with a population of 100 people.
  7. Oceans of Wind Power – An energy creation proposal using wind.
  8. Paul Ehrlich – The Dominant Animal: Human Evolution and the Environment.
  9. Paul Ehrlich – The Dominant Animal ! ! ! ! !
  10. Berkeley Lectures – A day’s sampling of the strange and wonderful world of Berkeley.
  11. I School – UC Berkeley School of Information.
  12. A time based ethical system.
  13. Salima Ikram – Egyptian animal mummies, past, present and future.
  14. Lifehavens – A list of potential refuges for humanity’s survival.
  15. Lifehaven – Adams Island – A second chance for humankind.
  16. Lifehavens – Bouvet Island for a difficult to attack haven.
  17. Lifehaven – Pitt Island is a rich tourist’s end-of-the-world destination.
  18. Lifehaven – The green zone of possible survival after an Atomic War.
  19. Lifehaven – Gough is a remote South Atlantic island but accessible.
  20. Google Earth – The new controls for zoom and horizon tilt.
  21. John Adams – The mini-series conclusion.
  22. Lifehaven – South Georgia Island
  23. Lifehaven – South Pole
  24. Michael Marks – The chairman of Flextronics and much much more.
  25. William Collins – CO2 emissions, CO2 concentrations and climate.
  26. “The Office” – Michael Scott desperately needs a girlfriend.
  27. Climate Change – How do we know what we know?
  28. Lifehaven – Antipodes Island is at the other end of the Earth.
  29. Lifehavens – What is the chance that H-bombs will be used and Lifehavens needed?
  30. Lifehaven – What to do about usual disasters and terrorism?